Toe Toe Combo Blackboard/Noticeboard
Toe Toe silhouette oversprayed on fabric covered (Natural Hessian) Noticeboard alongside blackboard with chalk ledge, and coat hooks, all mounted on rimu stained plywood. Dimensions 190cm wide x 85cm high.

Price $395 plus freight

Koru Combo Whiteboard/Noticeboard
Koru painted pinboard design centred between Porcelain on Steel Whiteboard on the left, and black fabric covered pinboard on the right. Dimensions 80cm wide x 60cm high

Price $295 plus freight

Menu Blackboard - Free Standing
Meal place setting design oversprayed on blackboard framed in rimu stained pine, mounted on black painted legs and back support. Dimensions 80cm wide x 120cm high

Price $275 plus freight

Cork 'n' Chalk Blackboard
Pohutukawa Flower design (here in white) oversprayed on blackboard, with rimu chalk ledge, over cork pinboard Dimensions 40cm wide x 60cm high

Price $75 plus freight

Kitchen Blackboards
Coffee Cup or Pohutukawa Flower designs oversprayed on rectangular blackboard. Dimensions 40cm wide x 60cm high

Price $55 plus freight
Multi-coloured Pohutukawa Flower $65 plus freight

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Menu boards, pavement 'sandwich' boards or commercial noticeboards - our designs can be as elegant,
or as simple, as the impression you wish to create.

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Our boards are made using standard noticeboard materials (sustainable options include recycled fabrics, renewable timber specifies, eco-sensitive paints and finishes) and come fitted with safe and appropriate fixings.




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